Motion Tween in Adobe Animate CC 2019

Motion Tween

Motion Tween

Motion Tween, Hello Friends, today I will tell you about 2D animation in Adobe Animate CC.

Today in Adobe Animate CC, I will tell you about Tween. We use Adobe Animate CC to create 2D animations. Friends, if we want to rotate an object in Adobe Animate CC, then we use Motion Tween. To use Tween I have opened Adobe Animate CC and taken a new page. I have drawn the star.

After drawing the star on the stage of Adobe Animate CC, my star is drawn on layer 1, on the first frame. I will apply Create Motion Tween by right clicking on the first frame. By clicking on Create Motion Tween, motion was applied to our object. After Motion is applied, we will copy the number of frames we want to take.

Suppose I brought this star to 100 fame and clicked the right button of the mouse to insert key frame and clicked on rotation. After clicking on Rotation in Adobe Animate CC, I went to Properties menu and set Rotation Time to 2 Below Time comes the option of Direction.
CW comes first in this which is called clock wise rotation.

Motion Tween

If we click CW then our clockwise rotation will happen. CCW comes below CW which is called Counter clock wise rotation. Counter Clock Wise In this our rotation will be like anti clockwise. CW to Clock Wise will be CCW to Counter clock wise rotation.

After setting the time and duration of rotation, we will see the object by playing OK. In Adobe Animate CC, our object will start rotating. To understand Motion Tween more easily, let’s do an animation.

Adobe Animate CC Beginners Motion Tween For that we will open a background image on stage in Adobe Animate CC on Layer one. On Layer 2 we can take an image of a car and on Layer 3 we will take the Front Tire of that car and on Layer 4 we will take the Back Tire of that car. We’ll copy layer 1 and layer 2 up to 100 by pressing f6.

The layer of the tire which is layer 3 will apply create motion tween by right clicking on its first frame and the rotation time will be 20 and the direction will be ccw. Similarly, we will apply create motion tween on Layer 4 by right clicking on its first frame and will make the rotation time 20 and make the direction ccw. Rotation is applied on both our tyres. Motion tween is applied.

Motion Tween

Adobe Animate CC Beginners, Now the Background Image layer, we will put the classic tween on the first point and put the background on the right side and at the last point we will move the background image to the left side. Now we can play and see.

Our car tires will be visible as they continue to rotate. Use Adobe Animate CC to make 2D cartoon films. We use both Adobe Animate CC and Adobe Flash for 2D animation. It is very easy to do 2D animation in this software. So friends, in today’s video, I told you about why you use Motion Tween. To rotate any object in Adobe Animate CC, we will use Motion Tween.


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