Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube, A question that is in everyone’s mind nowadays is that from where to get free music, so that there is no copyright claim. So in this post I will tell you guys what is the condition of this question.

If you are trying to upload your video on YouTube, or on Facebook, or on Instagram, copyright issues on music is a big problem.

It happens that we cannot pick up any music and put it in our video. Because copyright issues can come. What are these issues For example, if you have a YouTube channel and you put any music on it which is copyrighted music, it means someone else’s property.

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube
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For example, if you create any art work, then you will never want your art work to be used by someone without asking you. In the same way, this is also a very big series of music.

Now there are many channels which are on YouTube like NCS is very common and there is no copyright sound in it, from there you can pick up and ask for attribution below that means credit whose music is, its name and its link is given and then You can use that music.

But the reason I wouldn’t recommend it at all is because all the copyright free music for Youtube out there in NCS is usually from new artists. Sometime belong to the new artist, sometime belong to the old. Now if it belongs to a new artist, now he is a completely new artist. He just made music. He has to popularize himself. So he distributed it for free.

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Now if after some time that artist signs himself with a big recorded company, now the music of that artist will be his rights to that record company. So at one time the music of that artist was free and you used it in the video, but now that artist’s music is not free.

Those rights have come from the record company, so now a copyright claim strike can come on your channel. I am not saying that it will come but it can come. So why take a chance?

You must have seen on my YouTube channel Grapix Dzine that there is not much music. Sometimes I use music in the background or in the intro. I always use safe music. If I was blogging in YouTube channel, then I need this kind of music more, then I probably would have bought music in some other way. For Example a website is Epidemic Sound. a lot of people use it

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

There are many bloggers who are using Epidemic Sound. But that is a paid service. If you understand that your content is so lively and will become better because of music and you are also earning decent money from your channel, then you can buy music from this website.

Copyright Free Music for YouTube, the amount of music available from Free Resources will not obsessionally be of the same quality as paid music. My channel is different. Even if there is no music on my channel, then it will work, but yes let me tell you this thing more that if you find it with free music, if you sit very comfortably and find it, if you sit comfortably and listen to music, then you can get very good music. Something is found from somewhere.

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Most of the music I use is YouTube’s own library, which I use. There are some music in YouTube’s library in which you have to give attribute. Attribution is that you have to mention the name of that artist at the bottom of your video. But here you can download free of cost without attribution in most of the music youtube library.

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You can freely use it in your video without giving credit and you will not get any copyright claim. If you want to use YouTube library, then where will you get this library. For this, suppose as soon as you come to your channel, you can do that as the logo of your channel is coming, you have to click on it in the top right corner and from there you have to go to the creator studio.

If you do not have a YouTube channel, then you must have an email id, so it becomes a YouTube channel by default. So you go there and click on the logo, from there you will come to the creator studio. As soon as you come to the creator studio, you will start showing many details of your channel. If you see there, an option is given at the bottom of the bottom, of create, you click on it.

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

Copyright Free Music for YouTube

The first thing that comes when you click is the audio library and this is a huge library. There is a lot of music available in this. The second thing is that some new music is added to it every day or every week. If you want, you can also listen to the preview of that music by pressing the play button from there. If you like music, you can download it from there Copyright Free Music For YouTube

If you want music of a particular mood or a particular theme, then you will click on the above where Genre is written, then there are different genres of music, from there you can choose any according to you and download it and use it. on video. You can also choose Mood, Instrument from there.

Copyright Free Music for YouTube is another website apart from this YouTube library. That’s FREEPD.COM. If you come and see it, there is some music. It does not have such a huge collection but one of the good things about this site is that it has CC0 license and CC0 license, meaning creative common license is zero or you can use free music. You can download any music from here by clicking on the button of Download MP3 and use it on your video. Copyright Free Music For YouTube

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