Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories ,Two brothers lived in a village named Mudiya. They were always fighting with each other. Because of this, the two did not live together. Both had separate houses. One brother Murari Lal was very rich and the other brother Bansi Lal was very poor. In Murari Lal’s house, everyone used to wear nice clothes, eat good food and celebrate every festival with great pomp.

Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories

On the other hand Bansi was completely opposite in Lal’s house. He did not have a good job, so there was never any money in the house. Due to lack of money, no one here had proper clothes to wear, nor did he have enough food to eat. Murari Lal was leading a very comfortable life and Bansi Lal was leading a very difficult life. The bad condition of his family could not be seen from Bansilal.

Magic Mill. One day he decided to seek help from his brother Murari Lal. He went to Murari Lal and said, “Murari brother! How are you?” Murari Lal said, “I am fine, but why did you come here?” Bansilal said, “I am in a lot of trouble brother and I need your help. I want to borrow some money.”

Murari Lal said, “I knew, like every time, even today you have come to ask for something.” Bansilal said sadly, “Don’t say that brother, my wife and children are hungry, I will return all your money soon. Murari Lal said angrily, “Why should I worry about your wife child, go away from here, I will not give you even a single penny.” Murari Lal expelled Bansi Lal from his house.

Kids Moral Stories , Hearing the harsh words of his brother, Bansi Lal sadly started going towards his house. On the way he saw that a very old man was trying to lift a big bundle of wood. Bansilal was of good nature. It was not seen from him, that such an old man alone is carrying this weight.
Magic Mill| He thought of helping them and went to the old man and said, “Hey Baba! Wait I’ll help you.”

Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories

The old man said, “Thank you, I am not able to lift this heavy weight, it is good that you have come. But why are you looking so upset? Bansilal said, “No Baba, nothing.” The old man said, “Son, can you tell me your problem, maybe I can be of some help to you.”

Hearing this, Bansi Lal said, “Baba, I am very poor. Baba my family is hungry and I am not able to do anything. I can’t even earn money. I have no idea how to feed my family.” Hearing this, the old man said, “It’s good, you help me pick up this bundle of wood and take it to my house, then I too can solve your problem.”

Hearing this, Bansi Lal said in surprise, “What! Really come on, I’ll help you.” Bansilal carried that bundle of wood on his back and slowly followed the old man to his house. Reaching outside the house, the old man said, “Keep this bundle here son, thank you! Lord take away all your troubles.”

Then he brought sweet bread from his house and he gave it to Bansi Lal and said, “With this bread you go to the forest, after going far enough you will see three trees of Aloo Bukhara, behind those trees there is a small mountain and a mountain There is a small hut above it, there live three sows and they love sweet bread.

Kids Moral Stories , By giving them this bread, you have to ask them for a stone mill, not money, in return. Bansilal listened to all his words very carefully and with sweet bread he immediately left for the forest. After walking a long distance, he saw the three trees that the old man had mentioned. The fruits on those trees were looking juicy. Bansilal felt like staying there for some time and eating the fruits, but he wanted to go to those trees soon.

He ignored his hunger and kept on moving forward, after going a little further he saw a mountain and a small hut on that mountain. Seeing the hut, Banshi Lal became happy and started moving forward with haste. He went inside the hut and saw that there were three sows. The old man’s words were true.

Bansilal started thanking the old man in his heart.

Bansilal had never seen the sows before, he got a little excited seeing them. He kept looking at the gestures of the sows, their clothes, their hats and forgot for what purpose he had come. But the sow was very angry seeing him.

But Bansilal could not see his anger in his enthusiasm. Suddenly a dwarf said angrily, where did you come from inside?

Kids Moral Stories

Kids Moral Stories

Bansi Lal suddenly got scared hearing his voice and came to his senses and said I! I! I! I am Bansi Lal. Sow said angrily, “Who is Bansi Lal, we do not know any Bansi Lal. You must have come here to steal something. It should be caught and tied.” Bansilal said, “No! No, I am not a thief, I had brought this sweet bread. Seeing the sweet bread, the anger of the sower disappeared.

Kids Moral Stories , The sow said, “Hey he has sweet bread. We love sweet bread. Have you brought this for us?” “Yes, I brought this for you, but I brought this to sell.” Bansi Lal spoke. The sow said no problem, “We will buy it, what do you want in exchange for this bread? You can ask for whatever you want.” Bansi Lal said, “I want a stone mill instead.” The sow said, “We agree, take this mill.” After saying this, a mill came in the hand of the dwarf. He gave that mill to Bansi Lal.

After giving the mill, the sow said, “This is no ordinary mill, you can ask for anything from it. When you grind it, then this mill will fulfill your every wish. But take special care of one thing, after the work is done, cover the mill with a red cloth. Due to which this mill will stop. Bansi Lal said, “I understand. Thanks a lot.” Being happy, Bansi Lal came to his house with that mill.

His wife and children were in bad condition at home due to hunger. He immediately laid a cloth on the ground and placed the mill on it. He asked his wife to bring red cloth. He started rotating the mill and said, “Multi! Mill, give me pulses.” As soon as the mill spoke so much pulses started coming out of the mill. After getting the handi full of pulses, he covered the mill with red cloth and that mill stopped making pulses. Then he asked for rice from the mill in the same way and the mill gave a lot of rice.

After covering the mill with a red cloth, they all ate their full meal that day. He started asking for new things from that mill every day. Sometimes flour, sometimes rice, sometimes millet, spices, etc. The mill kept giving him everything he asked for. Taking all the items found from the mill, he started selling them in the market. He earned a lot of money in a few days. He got himself a big house.

Now his family had everything. Plenty of food to eat and good clothes to wear. Everyone was very happy But this happiness of his was not to be seen from a human. Murarilal got jealous seeing his happiness. Murari Lal started thinking, “A few days ago he had come to me asking for loan money, now how has he become rich so quickly? It has to be found out. Surely there is some confusion.”

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Thinking so, one day he secretly entered his brother Bansi Lal’s house. In no time he came to know about the mill. The very next day he stole the magic mill and decided to leave the village with his family. He left the village with a mill.

There was an ocean nearby, which he had to cross. They all started crossing the ocean in boats. In the middle of the way, he wanted to run that mill. He turned the mill and expressed his wish, “Multi! Mill, give me salt, mill.” What was then, the mill started extracting salt.

Kids Moral Stories , Salt kept coming out of that mill and the boat became very heavy. Murari Lal had not seen a way to shut that mill due to his greed. Now that mill kept spinning and salt kept coming out of it. The boat sank in that ocean due to the weight of salt and Murari Lal’s entire family drowned in that ocean. Still the salt did not stop coming out of that mill. Even today salt is coming out of the mill. Maybe that’s why the ocean water has become salty.


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